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Everyone needs a great pipe! Here at Smokin Lloyd, we have very carefully picked each one of our hand pipes. Many of these pipes can only be found at conventions or trade shows. We pride ourselves on finding the coolest and most unique glass pipes available on the market today.

Glass pipes, also known as hand pipes, are the easiest way to take part in a session while traveling or out and about. Having one of our unique novelty pipes is a sure way to impress friends while entertaining. We offer a large online selection of glass smoking pipes for every budget. There are the small and simple glass pipes, to the intricate and artistic handmade pipes that will last a lifetime. 

We offer some of the biggest and most well known companies along with up-and-coming glass blowing artists. Our diverse selection includes steamrollers, chillums, bubblers, spoons, gandalfs, and sherlocks, as well as novelty pipes such as our wake and bake glass pipe selection and more. Please shop our awesome selection and give a few hand pipes a new home!


Pipe Types

There are endless colors and sizes available when it comes to hand pipes. There are, however, a few main types to choose from when shopping online.

  • Bubblers - A pipe hybrid that combines the convenience and portability of a hand pipe and the smooth hits of a bong with water filtration
  • Chillums - Straight pipe similar to a steamroller but usually much smaller and without a carb.
  • Gandalfs - Very long handled pipes with a large bulb-shaped bowl.
  • Glass Blunts - Thin, small glass pipes that work the same as a blunt but without paper.
  • Novelty Pipes - Cool artistic or themed pipes usually in the form of a spoon or chillum.
  • Sherlocks - Like what the famous detective smoked from, with an exaggerated "S" shape.
  • Spoons - The classic dry pipe shape with a bowl and a handle.
  • Streamrollers - Straight long glass tubes with a hole on each end, and one in the middle for packing.

 Smokin Lloyd has a wide variety of pipes for dry products, concentrates, oils, or whatever gets you happy. From pipes with classic straight lines to colorful works of handmade art, we've got a piece to suit your sesh. Start by choosing a wet or dry experience. Boom!


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